Hi I'm Lauren.

"I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiled. And the one who could always brighten your day, even if she couldn't brighten her own."

"It’s fine, I’m used to it."

Isn’t it sad, admitting that? You’re use to being hurt, played, cheated on, taken for granted, backstabbed, etc., To the point where nothing really seems to matter to you anymore. To the point where it seems like no one cares about your feelings and thoughts. And to the point where you know someone hurt you so much, your last reply is “it’s fine, I’m used to it.”


late night breakdowns are my speciality

Just fucking need someone to talk to

"who did that to you? Who fucked you up so bad, emotionally and mentally that you’ve completely shut down anyone who tries to help you. You don’t talk about your feeling, you push people away, and you let negative people in. You refuse to open up and let someone love or care about you. Who fucking did that to you?”
— c.s (via darling-your-my-demon)
"I needed a family that wasn’t broken”
— Why couldn’t things have turned out okay (via shes-breakingdown)
"This is why you should never, ever get your hopes up. This is why you should see the glass as half empty. So when the whole thing spills, you aren’t as devastated.”
— Unknown (via stevenbong)